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Gambling apps are facing a huge wave. From groceries to houses, all money-related transactions are through apps. 2022 is also seeing the lottery industry move toward app-optimized use. Of course, lottery apps are diverse in terms of differentiation. They are divided into

  • Real money lottery apps

  • Free lottery apps

India is not only one of the best lottery apps. Instead, there are many great Indian lottery apps for users to choose from. All the best lottery apps in India can also be distinguished through two major platforms, android and iOS. In the best lottery apps, you can get the best options, lottery odds, deposit and withdrawal options and the best customer support from the website. You can also get its exclusive content on its app version and the best part is that you can access all the content anytime and anywhere.


The best online lottery app for Android and iOS

Our experts have analyzed online lottery apps and highlighted the best apps for Indian users in 2022.

  • LotteryWorld
  • Multilotto
  • Lottoland
  • WinTrillions
  • The Lotter

  • Lotto247
  • LottoKings
  • PlayHugeLottos
  • Netbet

You can buy international and Indian online lotteries with INR via Android or iOS smartphones. To install the apps, you must visit the provider’s official website, download the installation files and install the apps on your device. You can test multiple apps to determine which option is right for you.

How do I download the lottery app?

There are two main platforms for cell phones, Android and iOS, and below is a list of how to download the lottery app on each of the two platforms.


Due to Google’s own gambling restriction policy, there are restrictions on downloading lottery apps. Therefore, apart from some free lottery apps, there are not many online lottery apps available in the Playstore. So, the simple steps to download lottery apps are as follows –

Open the website – First visit the Indian lottery app website.
Download the file – Download the apk file of the online lottery app.
Change the settings – Enter the settings of your phone and allow the installation of the unknown application.
Open the file – Click on the apk file of the online lottery application and install it.


Apple, on the other hand, does not have many restrictions on the use of online lottery apps. Thus, they allow such apps on the App Store. This is one of the major advantages of the iOS platform.

Go to the App Store – Access the App Store from your iOS device.
Search for apps – Search for the app that you think is the best lottery app in India.
Get the job done – Download and install the mobile lottery app on your iOS device.

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Online lottery tips and tricks in India

Although lotteries are a game of pure luck, you can increase your chances of winning by strategically planning before you buy a ticket.

Here are some tips and tricks.

Choose the right game

Don’t always choose the big lotteries like MegaMillions and PowerBall, as the large number of participants makes it difficult to win. Instead, look for lotteries with fewer participants, who have a relatively higher chance of winning. The jackpot may not be as large, but at least you have a better chance of making a profit.

Choose your numbers wisely

Many people choose lottery numbers based on birthdays, anniversaries, or other special days. Although there is nothing wrong with this, choosing such numbers may prove to be damaging. This is because the calendar numbers only range from 1 to 31, which means you miss out on about 59 numbers. Increasing your number range can maximize your chances.

Go syndicated

the more tickets you buy, the higher your chances of winning. Overall, syndicates and lottery bundles are the most cost-effective ways to participate in online lotteries, as both allow you to buy more tickets for less money. Lottery bundles in particular can also increase your chances of winning a prize.

Look for games with secondary prizes

some lotteries offer second chance prizes to their players. When at least four numbers in your ticket match the winning number, a second chance bonus is offered. These bonuses are smaller than the maximum jackpot, but still have a matching reward.

With these tips, you could become one of the biggest lottery winners in India and earn yourself as much prize money as possible.


Which is the best online lottery in India?

We recommend that the best place to buy lottery tickets online is Lottery World, which offers a large number of online lotteries and sweepstakes, but it’s not always about what works for you.

What should I do to buy lottery tickets online in India?

You will need to select the online lottery website or mobile app that offers these lotteries. You will also need to register for an account in order to operate there. You will then need to fund your account, after which you can select and purchase lottery tickets.

Is it possible to play online lotteries in India on a global scale?

The answer to this question is yes. There are many legal sites in India that you can choose from and link to your trading account.

How do you claim your lottery winnings online?

If you win, they will contact you by phone and email and claim it. You will need to bring verification documents to them, such as proof of your ID card or passport. After the verification process is complete, the money will be transferred directly to your bank account.

Are there any security issues with Indian lottery sites?

Please check if they have the proper jurisdiction and license. If they do, then there is no need to worry about security issues.

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