Why Sikkim State Lottery is a Must-Try for Every Gambler in India?

The Sikkim State Lottery is a government-sponsored lottery program operating in Sikkim, India. Offering daily and weekly draws with cash prizes up for grabs for winners, this lottery operates under strict regulations.

Players can purchase lottery tickets from authorized retailers throughout the state at prices ranging from 6 to 100 rupees (less than $2 USD).

Why Sikkim State Lottery is a Must-Try for Every Gambler in India?


Sikkim State Lottery is a government-run lottery scheme in the Indian state of Sikkim. The lottery was launched in 1997 and has since then become a popular way for people to try their luck and win big money. The lottery draws are held every day, with each day offering a different scheme and prize money. The price of the lottery tickets varies from scheme to scheme, with some as low as Rs. 6 and others as high as Rs. 200.

Types of Sikkim State Lottery

Scheme NameTicket PriceWinning AmountDraw Day
Dear LoveRs. 6Rs. 26.05 lakhsMonday
Dear RespectRs. 6Rs. 26.05 lakhsTuesday
Dear AdmireRs. 6Rs. 26.05 lakhsWednesday
Dear CherishRs. 6Rs. 26.05 lakhsThursday
Dear PreciousRs. 6Rs. 26.05 lakhsFriday
Dear TreasureRs. 6Rs. 26.05 lakhsSaturday
Dear ValuableRs. 6Rs. 26.05 lakhsSunday

Is it possible to play the Sikkim state lottery online

Yes, it is possible to play the Sikkim state lottery online. The Sikkim State Lottery Department has launched an online portal that allows players to purchase lottery tickets online. This initiative was taken to make it more convenient for players to participate in the lottery, especially during the pandemic when physical ticket sales were restricted.

To play the Sikkim state lottery online, players need to create an account on the official website of the Sikkim State Lottery Department. Once registered, players can select the lottery they want to participate in and purchase the tickets online using various payment methods available on the portal. The lottery results are also published online, and winners can claim their prize money by following the process mentioned on the website.

However, it is important to note that online lottery play is still subject to the regulations and laws of the state. Players must be at least 18 years old and should comply with all the rules and regulations set by the Sikkim State Lottery Department. It is also important to play responsibly and within one’s means.

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Where can I find the Sikkim state lottery results

If you’re looking for the Sikkim state lottery results, here are some ways you can find them:

  • Official Website

The Sikkim State Lotteries Department has an official website where you can find the latest results. Visit sikkimlotteries.com and click on “Results” to view the latest draw results.

  • Local Newspapers

The Sikkim state lottery results are also published in local newspapers. Check the daily newspaper for the results of the latest draw.

  • Retailers

Lottery retailers throughout the state will also have the latest results available. You can visit a retailer near you and ask for the results.

  • Lottery Apps

There are various lottery apps available for download on your smartphone that provide you with the latest Sikkim state lottery results. You can download and install any of the available apps and keep track of the results.

Lotteries are a form of gambling

Sikkim State Lottery-Lotteries are a form of gambling

Lotteries are an exciting form of gambling where participants buy tickets with the hope of winning an attractive prize. Lotteries provide players with an exciting way to score cash prizes while simultaneously risking financial ruin through this type of betting. However, lotteries should be treated as potentially harmful forms of betting as they can lead to cash being misappropriated through scammers who exploit vulnerabilities in these forms of gambling.

State-run lotteries are among the most widely held forms of lotteries, providing players with opportunities to win money while aiding state governments with funding social and economic development programs.

There are various lottery games, each offering different prize structures and ticket prices. Some offer a single large jackpot prize to the winner of one particular drawing; others provide smaller awards split among multiple drawings.

For lottery play, tickets from authorized retailers typically cost between 6 and 100 rupees (less than $2 USD).

Sikkim State Lottery announces the results of each lottery draw via their official website and newspapers throughout Sikkim, so if you win you can claim your prize at an authorized lottery center.

Although most lottery players are healthy and enjoy playing the game, it is important to keep in mind that lotteries can be harmful if not played responsibly. They can lead to addiction as well as increase your risk for high blood pressure, heart disease and other conditions.

Some individuals have even lost their lives as a result of overspending on lottery tickets, so it is vital that before engaging in lotteries you fully comprehend its risks.

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Boost chances of victory

Sikkim State Lottery is an enjoyable form of gambling that provides players with a chance to win large sums of money while having fun! But it is essential that all laws and regulations relating to this game are observed while participating in it regularly so as to increase your odds of success and boost chances of victory!

Lotteries are an invaluable revenue stream for governments around the world; India being no different; they use lottery proceeds to fund social and developmental projects through lottery sales proceeds.

Lotteries come in many different varieties – both online and offline versions – each of which possesses different rules and regulations that must be observed prior to starting to play the lottery.

Sikkim State Lotteries Department provides information about various lottery games on its official website, along with an authorized list of retailers and distributors. Furthermore, you can track draw results through local newspapers or online websites.

As part of your lottery experience, it is crucial that you never bet more than you can afford to lose. Doing this will ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience; additionally, try picking random numbers instead of those related to birthdays or anniversaries.

Increase your odds of winning by purchasing more tickets in larger amounts or joining a lottery pool, this can increase your odds and save money over time.

Alternately, you could also try your luck by purchasing single tickets. While this will give you the chance to win some money from this lottery game, the likelihood that you win the top prize remains small.


Q: Is it safe to play the Sikkim State Lottery?

A: Yes, it is safe to play the Sikkim State Lottery if you buy tickets from authorized retailers or online lottery websites that are licensed by the Sikkim State Government.

Q: How do I claim my Sikkim State Lottery prize?

A: If you have won a prize in the Sikkim State Lottery, you can claim it by submitting the winning ticket and a valid government-issued ID to the authorized lottery retailer or the Sikkim State Lottery office within the claim period.

Q: What is the claim period for Sikkim State Lottery prizes?

A: The claim period for Sikkim State Lottery prizes varies depending on the game. Generally, you have 30 to 90 days from the date of the draw to claim your prize.

Q: Can I play the Sikkim State Lottery from outside Sikkim?

A: Yes, you can play the Sikkim State Lottery from outside Sikkim by buying tickets through online lottery websites.

Q: Are Sikkim State Lottery winnings taxable?

A: Yes, Sikkim State Lottery winnings are subject to income tax under the Income Tax Act, 1961. However, the tax rate may vary depending on the amount of the prize and other factors.


सिक्किम स्टेट लॉटरी के बारे में जानकारी और विश्लेषण करने के बाद, साफ है कि भारत के जुआ उद्योग में यह लॉटरी एक महत्वपूर्ण स्थान रखती है। यह लॉटरी सिक्किम राज्य सरकार द्वारा संचालित की जाती है और विभिन्न खेल जीत प्रकारों के साथ खिलाड़ियों को पेश करती है। सिक्किम स्टेट लॉटरी की एक अनूठी विशेषता यह है कि यह लॉटरी राजस्व के एक हिस्से के साथ विभिन्न सामाजिक और सार्वजनिक कल्याण कार्यक्रमों का समर्थन करती है।

हालांकि, किसी भी जुआ या लॉटरी के साथ, भाग लेना जोखिम में होता है और खिलाड़ियों को हमेशा जिम्मेदारीपूर्वक खेलना चाहिए। लॉटरी में भाग लेते समय एक बजट निर्धारित करना और उस पर ध्यान देना महत्वपूर्ण होता है। इसके अलावा, खिलाड़ियों को यह सत्यापित करना चाहिए कि वे लॉटरी के टिकटों की प्रामाणिकता की पुष्टि कर लें और केवल अधिकृत लॉटरी विक्रेताओं से टिकट खरीदें।

समग्र रूप से, सिक्किम स्टेट लॉटरी खिलाड़ियों के लिए एक रोमांचक और मनोरंजक अवसर प्रदान करती है ताकि वे सार्वजनिक कल्याण कार्यक्रमों का समर्थन करते हुए महत्वपूर्ण इनाम जीत सकें। किसी भी प्रकार के जुआ में, खिलाड़ियों को हमेशा जिम्मेदारीपूर्वक खेलना चाहिए और सभी लागू कानून और विनियमों का पालन करना चाहिए।