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Best Online Lottery in India 2022

There are more online lotteries in India than ever before, and you can buy lottery tickets legally from anywhere in the country. With so many options available, it’s hard to know which sites are actually good.

To help you choose the best lottery for you, we’ve created a ranking of the best online lotteries in India. The sites on the list are not only our top picks, but are by far the most popular online lotteries in India.

Our ranking system is very public. Here we have summarized the most important factors that are deemed the top online lotteries, sites that require internationally renowned gambling licenses, fairly priced lotteries, a wide variety of games, and easy and fast withdrawals.

India Online Lottery FAQ

How do I buy online lottery tickets from India?

First, you should choose an international lottery site that is available to Indian players. Choose your favorite game and buy your tickets through a digital payment provider such as VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, or PayTM.

Are online lotteries legal in India?

Due to India’s archaic laws, online lotteries are not illegal if they are legal in the country.

  • Lottery games must be played internationally.
  • You need to be 18 years of age or older to play.
  • The lottery site server needs to be located outside India.

Is it safe to play lotteries online?

Legitimate lottery sites have top-notch encryption to ensure the security of the data you provide to them. Genuine lottery sites have an eGaming license, which means they meet some of the highest standards in the world for fair conduct.

Which lottery game has the highest jackpot?

USA Powerball won the world’s largest jackpot – a total of $1.586 billion. (More than 12 billion rupees)

Can I play government lotteries online?

No, there are no government lotteries online and it is illegal to sell government tickets on the Internet.

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The Best Online Lottery Types in India


#1 JEETO LOTTO – The cheapest online lottery in India

  • 360 million jackpot
  • Draws every 4 min
  • Cheap lottery tickets for only Rs. 80
  • No draws between IST 08.55 and 15.33
  • Only available in Lotto Land

Jeeto Lotto is a Lottoland Asia exclusive, and we think it’s one of the best online lotteries you can buy in India because they cost only Rs 80 each! This makes them some of the cheapest online lotteries in India possible. With a draw every 4 min, you have more than 270 chances to win 36 million every day.

mega millions lottoland logo

#2 MEGA MILLIONS – Top online lottery

  • Use Megaplier to multiply your lottery winnings
  • The second largest lottery jackpot in the world
  • Great ticket offers
  • Low chance of winning
  • Only two draws per week

When you buy tickets from Mega Millions, you have a chance to win one of the world’s largest jackpots. It has been awarded over $1.5 billion for the second largest lottery jackpot.

You can buy Mega Millions online tickets in India for Rs 300 on all our recommended Indian lottery sites.

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#3 Powerball – India’s Best Online Lottery

  • The world’s largest jackpot
  • 3 draws per week
  • Available at all online lottery sites in India
  • Only a few jackpot winners each year
  • Higher priced tickets

Powerball is the most popular lottery in the world, and the most popular lottery in India. With a world record for the largest lottery jackpot, it attracts many admirers.

They are also the most frequently promoted tickets, and Powerball tickets can be purchased for Rs. 300 in India. Most of the lottery sites included free tickets as their welcome bonuses.

Lotteries in India are regulated by the Lotteries Act of 1998. To date, 13 states in India have used this act to establish their own local lottery services.

So if you want to play legal online lotteries, playing online on the International Lottery website is the way to go, and with a few exceptions, states do not explicitly state that online lotteries are illegal!

What you must know is that no one in India has been punished for playing the lotto online, but the winners are numerous!

Legality of Online Lotteries in the States
As you may know by now, each state in India has a different lottery law. For example, there are only 13 states in India where lotteries are currently fully legal.

Real or Fake Online Lottery

How to spot fake lottery sites

With the popularity of online lotteries in India, some fake lottery sites have also emerged.

Fortunately, fraudulent lottery sites are easy to spot. You should examine for three things in particular – whether the site has a license, international lottery games, and whether there are any winners on record.

  • Gambling license guarantees that you will be treated fairly and that the site is located outside India.
  • In India, it is legal to play on international lottery sites, so if the site only has local Indian games, then it is illegal.
  • Finally, if there are no documented winners, it could be a scam.

Here are some examples of fake lottery sites in India.

Asia Lottery .in

Play Indian lottery

Bhagyalakshmi Lottery

Responsible Gambling

Lotteries and games of chance are fun, but in some cases they can be a trap.

Responsible gambling is a concept of playing with wagers, and several sites allow you to control your lottery purchases by setting deposit limits and allowing them to withdraw on time. Remember, you should never gamble with borrowed money.

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