Everything You Need To Know About La Primitiva!

Do I have the winning numbers for La Primitiva?

Among the benefits of playing La Primitiva lottery games online on Deltin7 is the convenience of checking La Primitiva lottery results.

Checking the La Primitiva online lottery results to see if you match the La Primitiva winning numbers is an easy procedure. Quickly after each Spanish Lotto draw, your La Primitiva numbers are automatically examined against the winning numbers.

If you match the La Primitiva winning numbers and also win a pot or various other prize, your Deltin7 account will certainly be attributed quickly. We will certainly additionally send you an email with the most up to date La Primitiva lottery results.

When you acquire a La Primitiva ticket on Deltin7, you can see the lottery causes your Deltin7 account.

What is the prize quantity for La Primitiva?

La Primitiva lottery is the oldest lottery video game worldwide and it dates back to the end of the 17th century. Its name equates to “The Primitive One” in English, describing the age of this preferred lottery. 1985 saw the launch of La Primitiva, a modern variation of its lottery game.

The La Primitiva lottery has a beginning prize of EUR3 million (approximately $3.6 million), which continues to surrender up until it is won.

All records were barged in October 2015, when the Spanish lottery jackpot got to EUR101.7 million (concerning $123 million) after 56 rollovers. One lucky player won the record-breaking pot by matching six (6) significant La Primitiva winning numbers with Reintegro.

In 2013, the La Primitiva prize surrendered continuously from March to August, reaching a staggering EUR66.6 million (around $81 million). As well as in 2014, a new record was set for the La Primitiva jackpot, soaring to EUR72 million (about $87 million).

Various other pots won consist of EUR25 million (regarding $30 million) in 2015 and EUR26 million (concerning $31 million) in 2007.

Since 2013, the government has imposed a 20% tax on all lottery earnings over EUR2,500 (roughly $3,000).

Please visit the La Primitiva video game page for the most recent prize amounts and also even more info about this lottery game.

When is the La Primitiva lottery attract?

The Spanish Lotto draw is held twice a week, on Thursdays and Saturdays at 21:40 (CET) in Madrid, Spain.

What are the chances of winning the La Primitiva jackpot?

Spanish Lottery offers 7 (7) amazing reward tiers. Your opportunities of winning any prize are 1 in 8.43, while your opportunities of winning the Grand Prize are 1 in 193,838,160.

To win the La Primitiva lottery prize, you require to match six (6) La Primitiva winning numbers, consisting of Reintegro.

Below is a table listing your odds of winning various other Spanish lottery prizes:

Six (6) numbers + Reintegro1 in 139,838,160
Six (6) numbers1 in 13,983,816
Five (5) numbers + Complementario1 in 2,330,636
Five (5) numbers1 in 55,491
Four (4) numbers1 in 1,032
Three (3) numbers1 in 57
Reintegro1 in 10
Overall chances of winning any prize are 1 in 8.43

How do I apply for the La Primitiva lottery prize?

One of the advantages of having fun and winning the Spanish lottery on Deltin7 is that claiming your earnings is very simple. All prizes are immediately distributed to all eligible winners immediately after each Spanish Lottery draw.

To assert your winnings, you need to make a “Money Withdrawal Request” from your Deltin7 account.

Upon receipt of your withdrawal demand, you will certainly be gotten in touch with by our protection team. This is to ensure that your Deltin7 account is validated prior to your Cash Withdrawal Demand is accepted.

After your request is authorized, your jackpots will be credited to your favored checking account. You can additionally have your profits paid out in several web pocketbooks, yet this option depends upon your country of house as well as consists of a variety of various other factors.

Exactly how does the La Primitiva lottery pay out?

When you win the La Primitiva online lottery, there is one (1) payout alternative, which is an one-time payment option. With this payment alternative, your windfall will be paid out promptly.

In phenomenal cases, Deltin7 books the right to pay the overall amount of the La Primitiva lottery win in the form of an annuity.

What takes place if I win the La Primitiva lottery prize?

Are you wondering what you need to do if you win the La Primitiva lottery reward? The good news is that there is very little you need to do.

After the La Primitiva lottery results are announced, if you match the La Primitiva winning numbers, your Deltin7 will be attributed promptly.

For bigger prizes, you must seek specialist guidance to assist you handle your payouts based on regional legislation for declaring worldwide lottery rewards.

When you play La Primitiva lottery on Deltin7, your personal privacy and anonymity are constantly assured. All Deltin7 players, by default, play La Primitiva lottery games in full privacy. This suggests that when you win a prize, your identity and personal details will certainly not be disclosed unless you provide us authorization to do so.

How long can I wait to claim my La Primitiva winnings?

After we credit your benefits to your Deltin7 account, they will continue to be in your account up until you decide to withdraw them. You can take out the entire quantity or choose numerous smaller sized settlements.

We encourage you to acquire tickets at the very least once every 6 (6) months to avoid your account from being frozen and also your equilibrium from expiring.

La Primitiva FAQ

Do I have to match the winning numbers of La Primitiva in the specific order of the draws?

No! You do not need to match La Primitiva’s winning numbers in the exact order in which they were drawn.

During the Spanish Lotto draw, the winning numbers for the Spanish Lottery are attracted randomly as well as the La Primitiva numbers appear on your ticket in numerical order for your comfort after the Spanish Lottery draw.

How many numbers are used in La Primitiva?

2 (2) collections of La Primitiva numbers are made use of in the Spanish Lotto draw. In the first set there are 49 numbers, while the 2nd collection contains nine (9) numbers.

As A Result, La Primitiva tickets use the basic 6/49 format. Throughout the Spanish Lottery draw, the 6 (6) main La Primitiva numbers will be drawn from the initial team and the Reintegro or reward numbers will be drawn from the 2nd group. In total amount, the lottery coordinators will draw eight (8) La Primitiva numbers.

La Primitiva Historical Adjustments

La Primitiva is the first authorities lottery video game in Spain and among the earliest lotto games still in operation in Europe. It was introduced in the 18th century by King Carlos III of Spain as a “royal lottery” to elevate funds for medical facilities, hospices as well as other public charities.

It held its very first draw on December 10, 1763 as the “Lotería por Números” or Numbers Lottery and also was abolished in 1862. Greater than a century later, in August 1985, it was re-established by the National Lottery Organization (Organismo Nacional de Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, ONLAE).

Fifty-five percent of the profits from lottery sales in Spain are utilized to pay rewards. The remainder is donated to national programs and also charities, such as the Red Cross and also the Spanish Organization against Cancer Cells.

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