Guide to Playing SuperEna Max Online Lottery

Do I have the winning numbers for SuperEna Max?

At Deltin7, checking the most recent SuperEna Max results is simple.

If you purchase SuperEna Max tickets on Deltin7, after each SuperEna Max draw, the numbers you play are instantly checked versus the winning numbers.

If you match the SuperEna Max winning numbers drawn and win a pot or other reward, we will certainly credit your Deltin7 account right away. We will certainly also send you an e-mail with the latest SuperEna Max lottery results.

When you buy SuperEna Max tickets on Deltin7, you can view the lottery causes your Deltin7 account.

How much is the SuperEna Max jackpot?

The SuperEna Max online lottery was founded in 2014 as well as swiftly ended up being known for its amazing and life-altering big rewards. The famous Italian lottery “SuperEna Lotto” inspired this interesting game.

Both lottery games utilize a similar video game matrix, the only distinction being that the SuperEna Max lottery supplies a much higher jackpot.

The minimum beginning prize for the SuperEna Max lottery is roughly EUR115 million. You have the opportunity to win a huge prize money, as rewards often go beyond EUR275 million.

If the beginning reward is not won, it will certainly be boosted in the following ten (10) attracts. If the reward is not won after the 11th SuperEna Max draw, the jackpot will be reduced to a lower prize level. After that, it will certainly be reset to approximately EUR115 million.

To inspect the most recent SuperEna Max jackpot amounts and also for more information concerning the lottery, please see the SuperEna Max video game page.

When is the SuperEna Max lottery drawn?

The SuperEna Max winning numbers are based upon the results of the Italian SuperEnaLotto draw, which occurs three (3) times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays as well as Saturdays at 19:30 (CET) in Rome, Italy.

What are the chances of winning the SuperEna Max jackpot?

To win the jackpot, you require to match six (6) SuperEna Max winning numbers. You have five (5) extra prizes to win and also you can win a reward by matching a minimum of 2 (2) SuperEna Max numbers.

The opportunities of winning any SuperEna Max prize are 1 in 20 and your opportunities of scooping the prize are 1 in 622,614,630.

Below is a table that provides your opportunities of winning any SuperEna Max prize:

Six (6) numbers1 in 622,614,630
Five (5) numbers + Jolly Number1 in 103,769,105
Five (5) numbers1 in 1,250,230
Four (4) numbers1 in 11,907
Three (3) numbers1 in 327
Two (2) numbers1 in 25.517
The overall chance of winning a prize are 1 in 20

Please keep in mind that the values defined on this page are only estimations and also might not be the real winning quantities. Always consult the lottery results web page for the most current details.

Exactly how do I assert a SuperEna Max lottery prize?

Asserting your SuperEna Max lottery reward on Deltin7 is extremely straightforward as well as uncomplicated. All rewards are automatically dispersed to eligible winners as soon as the SuperEna Max lottery outcomes are announced.

You need to make a cash money withdrawal request from your Deltin7 account in order to claim your SuperEna Max lottery winnings.

Upon receipt of your request, our security group will contact you to make sure that your Deltin7 account has actually been verified prior to your money withdrawal request is authorized.

When your request is approved, your jackpots will certainly be credited to your chosen checking account. You can likewise choose to receive your winnings using a number of internet budgets; however, this choice relies on your country of house and also consists of a variety of other aspects.

How do SuperEna Max lottery games pay out?

When you win a SuperEna Max ticket, there is one (1) payout choice, which is an one-time payment option. With this payout choice, your windfall will certainly be paid out right away.

In remarkable cases, Deltin7 gets the right to pay out the overall SuperEna Max earnings in the form of an annuity.

What do I do if I win a SuperEna Max reward?

When you win a SuperEna Max prize, you don’t need to do much. Your Deltin7 account will certainly be attributed immediately after the SuperEna online lottery outcomes are announced if you match the SuperEna Max winning numbers attracted.

It is recommended that you seek professional suggestions to assist handle your jackpots based on your local legislation for declaring global lottery rewards.

When you play SuperEna Max lotto games on Deltin7, your personal privacy and privacy are constantly assured. All Deltin7 gamers, by default, play in total privacy. This indicates that when you win a prize, we will certainly not disclose your personal details and identity unless you offer us consent to do so.

How long can I wait to assert my SuperEna Max benefit?

After we attribute your perk to your Deltin7 account, your money will certainly remain in your account up until you choose to withdraw it. You can pick to take out the whole quantity or to withdraw it in several instalments.

We urge you to acquire tickets at the very least when every six (6) months to prevent your account from being iced up and your equilibrium from running out.

SuperEna Max FAQ

Do I have to match the SuperEna Max winning numbers in the precise order of the draws?

No! You do not need to match the SuperEna Max winning numbers in the specific order they were drawn.

SuperEna Max numbers are attracted at random and after SuperEna Max is drawn, they are positioned in mathematical order for your comfort.

How many numbers are used in SuperEna Max tickets?

SuperEna Max makes use of an easy video game matrix inspired by the SuperEnaLotto lottery video game. One (1) set of spheres is utilized throughout the SuperEna Max draw, which has 90 SuperEna Max numbers.

6 (6) SuperEna Max winning numbers will be drawn from the sphere collection and players win the jackpot by matching all six (6) numbers.

The outcomes of the SuperEna Max lottery are based upon the SuperEnaLotto draw results. For That Reason, SuperEna Max lottery rewards are won by matching the winning numbers on the main SuperEnaLotto.

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